What are the dangers of downloading free scanner app for iPhone?

There is no doubt that smartphones are something most population have, including childern. And the most sold type is iPhone. It is no wonder then that it´s prices are so high and also that they release new model at least once a year.

It basically functions like small pocket computer, and with each new model they add new and improved features, that are supposed to help us and make our lifes easier. Some are indeed that good, others are pointles. The fact is tough that there are many applications you can download into your phone, many of them free.


One such example is free scanner app for iPhone. It is less known application, but it´s gainig popularity. And it´s no wonder. After all, it has many uses. It can scan your important documents or your photos, so you don´t have to carry with you all the time and risk losing or damaging them.

But, as with all free applications, there are certain doubts. It´s clear that there are risks we take whenever we download something, and it doesn´t matter if it is a computer program or application for smartphone. And if that program or app is free, than it gets certainly more suspicious.

The main danger lies of course in downloading not only the desired file, but also a computer virus. And don´t be fooled by that name – they can ifest not only computers, but also smartphones. And that would not be good.


There are basically two things a virus can do to your phone. It can do one of them or both. The first one is damaging your files. It can corrupt them so they became useless, or simply destroy or delete them.

The second, and arguably worse thing virus can do is sending your files to the third party, most often its creator. And as most of us store a lot of personal data in our phones, it´s easy to see how damaging this can be.

For that reason, download anything only from reputable sources, and with the newest antivirus programe active. Only then will your files be safe.